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Snare Luka Drums: 

  • Orange Fade 14X6 with 3/4 thickness

Band: Muted Screams


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My snare


My story

Hi LP, tell me, when did you start playing drums?

I learned the basics at a very young age. As my father was a musician, he took pleasure in showing me different instruments. Drumming was not my first choice, I wanted to be a guitarist. It's more in high school that the click is made. In the harmony class, I had to choose my instrument. Being very lazy I didn't want to learn a new one and if I chose the drum I found myself placed to the right of my crush from that time. Over time my teacher challenged me so much that I learned to love the instrument. This experience with an orchestra of more than 50 musicians somewhat explains the heaviness of my striking in order to be heard.

What are your musical influences?

My biggest influence would be Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but Tim Alexander and Bryan Brain Mantia of Primus are also really big influences.

Tell us about your first experiences in a band? How old were you ?

I must have been around 17 years old. I especially remember that all the drummers were trying to be as punk or heavy metal as possible, whereas I was looking for how to find myself through all that since I was more focused on groove and nuance. I was really energetic, I climbed on a drum, set it on fire or poured water on the skins, just to make people talk.

Is there a memorable show in your career? 

I had several, but I think the biggest one was the opening of Sum41 at Expo Qc. It wasn't my biggest crowd, but there was magic in the air. It was amazing to see thousands of people clap their hands to your beat and get that wave of wind.

What are you doing now ?

Currently, I'm working on the recording of Muted Scream's second album, as well as Hipshot's third EP, while doing series of shows for the promotion of Stories, which is Hipshot second EP.

In closing, you own a snare drum from Luka Drums, tell me, what made you lean towards this choice?

Its powerful projection and versatility. The Luka Drums family too, because they are people who love and are proud of what they do and it shows in their instruments.

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