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Kit Luka Drums


All our instruments require the same hard work.
You have to take a full log and transform it into a percussion instrument; this is not an easy task!


Billot vert brut de 400 livres pour la fabrication d'une batterie Luka Drums.


A 400 pound freshly cut log is placed on the turning lathe and the primary shape is cut.


Tournage d'un fût Luka Drums.


The outside is cut first, then the inside, to obtain a ''donut'' of wood wet and rough.


These raw shells are then placed in our custom-made dryer, where they dry slowly but surely, at controlled temperature and humidity. It's like a cake recipe, but you can't go one milliliter wrong with the amount of flour and butter you put in.

Séchage d'un fût Luka Drums.



Contrôle de l'humidité du fût Luka Drums.

Photo: André Bérubé


Patience at this stage is crucial to bring the wood to a stable internal moisture content of 4-7%. If you want a drum set today, we started making it 5 months earlier! Don't worry, we still have an inventory (limited though) of raw shells ready to be finished for your custom drum projects.


During the final carving, we place the raw, but now dried shell back on the wood lathe, and bring it to its final thickness, ¼'', ½'', and more! As well as to the desired diameter. 

Tournage finale d'une caisse-claire Luka Drums.



Machinage d'une caisse-claire Luka Drums.


We machine the 45' bearing edge right on the lathe, this is how we obtain an unbeatable and perfect precision, since the shell has not been moved at all after  the  finition ! 


Next comes the step of gradual sanding, burnt logo, coloring (optional) and protection (varnish/oil/wax).

Finition de la caisse-claire Luka Drums. Drums.



Before the assembling, we must drill the holes for the hardware (10) as well as the ventilation hole. 

Aération d'un fût Luka Drums.

Photo: André Bérubé



Lugs sur mesure Luka Drums.

Photo: André Bérubé


We can now fix our custom designed lugs and install heads and Throw-off.



The result is a snare drum built with the highest attention to detail and in the purest state possible: A single piece of solid wood, giving it the most powerful, defined and rich sound.

Caisse-claire en érable Luka Drums.


Our drums are designed with the same precision as our snare drums.

They have set a new standard of quality for custom-made drums. Balance, harmony, musicality, power, delicacy and design are some of the main characteristics that stand out.


The purity of sound and the amplitude of the resonance of a solid drum kit is impressive.

There is also an increase in clarity and sound projection.

The bass drum offers a majestic sound with incredible depth and resonance while the tom-toms combine a melodic approach with a warm and powerful sound.


Tom shells are 1/4 inch thick, and the bass drum is 5/16 inch thick. The thinner drums create a longer vibration and a deeper sound.


These factors, combined with the qualities of the one-piece drums, allow our drums to sound like no other before.

Kit complet en érable Luka Drums.


The trees we acquire are all responsibly harvested.

During the manufacturing of a 14'' shell and more, we are most of the time able to remove 1-2 extra shells from the inside of the log depending on its health.

The wood scraps are collected to make firewood/lighting wood.

All sawdust is recovered and distributed to local farms.

When a log is " declassified " or judged unsuitable for drum production, it is used in the design of artworks by local artists.

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