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Kit Luka Drums


The philosophy behind every Luka snare drum is always to get the purest sound possible. Therefore, we do everything in our power to have a finished product with a shell in its original shape.


Canadian Sugar Maple

Superior sound properties

  • Each snare drum is made from Canadian sugar maple, known worldwide for its sound and structural qualities.

  • We also use white ash and cherrywood for their own particularities, both sonic and visual.

Shell turned of the tree

Vertical wood texture = better sound projection

  • The snare drum is built from a single piece of wood hollowed out of the tree, so there is not any : glue, folds or joints

  • All of these aspects eliminate distortion of the drum since the wood remains in its original form.

One piece

Consistency in the drum, same original shape = no sound distortion

  • Since the wood grain is vertical, the distribution of sound inside the drum is facilitated, since it travels freely between the two heads without restriction.

Custom hardware for our products

Unique, durable and optimized

  • Our hardware was customized to allow the solid wood drum to move freely, without adding extra tension.

  • The button with a rubber ring goes into the robust stainless steel lug that floats on it, to match the movements of the drum.

Minimum number of lugs in the drum at the center point

Minimum sound alteration

  • 10 : The number of screws in our snares compared to 44 in most ones on the market. This reduces the weight, but also the distortions in the sound, in addition to being in the center of the shell which is the "dead point".

Throw-off attached to the bottom ring

Quick and easy head change

  • Our Throw-off are attached to the bottom rim to speed up and facilitate the change of the resonant head, and reduce the screws in the drum.

Bearing edges machined on the lathe

Optimal precision for balanced sound

  • Our Bearing edges are machined directly on the wood lathe, during the exterior and interior finishing of the drum, so that precision is optimal.

  • The 45' Bearing edge brings a versatile sound.

Burned logo 

Less cover-up of the drum.

  • Our logos are burned onto our shells rather than attached with a plate and rivets. The goal is always to avoid covering up the drum and to let it vibrate freely.

Possibility to apply oil

Optimized drum breathing

  • For the finishing of our snare drums, the most natural option is oil, since it allows the drum to breathe to the maximum.

  • We also offer the possibility of applying a varnish on demand.

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