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Kit Luka Drums


Each member of the Luka Drums team is essential to making sure that every piece that leaves the factory is perfect. Each person's strengths are used to ensure that Luka drums are a reflection of the drummer who aquires them.


It's me, Luka of Luka Drums, son of Yves Coulombe. I have been working in the family business since I was 7 years old. My interest in music started at the age of 8, when I started my djembe classes in Quebec City.

I continued to learn djembe for a few years and later switched to the drums, which I quickly adopted. A few private teachers later, I completed a three-year college course in music and song technique, instrument drums.

After many years of gaining experience in music and business, I am now focused on taking Luka Drums to the next level in the high-end musical instrument market.

My goal is to reveal Canada's best kept secret to the world.

Luka Coulombe
Yves Coulombe

Photo: André Bérubé


The president and founder of Luka Drums is the man who created and developed Luka products to what they are today: The reference in the high-end percussion instruments market.

He is a highly skilled manufacturer and master woodworker with a lifetime of experience in drying and sculpting. He uses all of his experience to provide the highest quality and continues to push the boundaries further and further. The fun part? He doesn't play drums or music, and doesn't even have a sense of rhythm! That's why he has no barriers. If he has an idea, he implements it, without thinking about the impacts. He makes wonderful discoveries, thanks to his incredibly ingenious mind!

Of course, he took the time to surround himself with the right people to fill the sound and part of the solid wood drums.


Multidisciplinary artist, music bible and drummer himself, Régis Roy is a key member of the team.

Thanks to his past experiences as a maker of xylophones, marimba and other percussion instruments, he has acquired impressive sound notions and an exceptional ear.

He plays the role of sound technician at Luka Drums and is responsible for making sure that each shell in a drum kit fits well with the others by assembling drums whose fundamentals do not dissonate together. The result is a complete harmony of the elements of the drum set. He will help you "find your sound".

Regis Roy
Kit Luka Drums
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