Luka Drums has been producing high-end, custom drums carved from the log for over 20 years.


Canadian Sugar Maple

Superior sound properties

  • Each snare drum is made from Canadian sugar maple, known worldwide for its sound and structural qualities

  • We also use white ash and cherrywood for their own particularities, both sonic and visual.

Fût creusé à même l'arbre

Shell dug out of the tree

Vertical wood texture = better sound projection

  • The snare drum is built from a single piece of wood hollowed out of the tree, so there is not any : glue, folds or joints

  • All of these aspects eliminate distortion of the drum since the wood remains in its original form.

Ue seule pièce

One piece

Consistency in the drum, same original shape = no sound distortion

  • Since the wood grain is vertical, the distribution of sound inside the drum is facilitated, since it travels freely between the two heads without restriction.